Visit our little farm shop located Cherry Lane Farm, 4509 Walters Hatchery Rd , Spring Grove, PA 17362

Saturdays 10-4

*Raw Honey available in assorted sizes and styles available 

(including Cut Honeycomb which is limited supply; RESTOCK June 2025)

*Fresh bee pollen harvested daily during spring. Available only at our farm shop. Limited quantity.

*Natural honey & goat's milk soaps to include tallow and castor oil along with other nourishing organic skin-loving oils and botanicals

*Artisan candies and syrups made from our honey (caramels, honey-peanutbutter, caramel sauce, etc)

*Bug Repellent handcrafted from natural ingredients RESTOCK 6/2024

*Natural Vanilla extract (limited supply)

*Nourishing assorted skin products made by us & Sparrow Place (all proceeds go directly to Sparrow Place)

*Infused Vinegar (limited supply RESTOCK summer 2024)

*Plain & Spiced Elderberry Syrups made with organically grown elderberries picked from Heartwood Nursery in Felton, PA

*Firecider (limited supply RESTOCK 10/2024)

*Infused salts & broth packets made from our herbs

*New herbal products coming soon!



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