Anastasia Denoncourt

"I do not keep bees... they keep me."

At any moment, the bees could choose to abscond. But instead, they keep coming back to the hives at Cherry Lane Farm. We consider this an honor.

I love many things about nature, but two things that particularly fascinate me are chickens and bees. They became my goal as a hobby when we moved to our farm in 2016. First came the chickens, then the coop. Oops! I was eager to get my chicks, and the enclosure was not habitable just yet. They first lived in our bathroom in a dog crate, then in a Gaylord box in our garage. Whew, the poop! Then in the nick of time, the coop was ready to move in. 

Next were bees. So we didn't make the same mistake twice, my husband surprised me with a wooden Langstroth hive box (before the bees!). Honey bee education became a top priority. If we were going to do this, we would do it right, or at least try. But, still keeping it small, I started with two nucleus colonies purchased from a local beekeeper. After studying courses and lots and lots of reading, working with mentors, attending our local and state beekeepers' association meetings, conferences, researching, etc, we finally felt confident to take the leap. It quickly grew into more than a hobby with 11 colonies the following year, then 38 the next, then 50... managing two apiary locations became a way of life. If I can't find my husband, I know to look in the bee yard.

Founding Cherry Lane Farm in 2019 is like a child was born, or should I say thousands? I am very fortunate the bees have accepted us as their caretakers as they could leave at any given moment. Keeping them healthy and happy is high priority around here.  Having a wonderful family to share my journey is very rewarding! A passion my husband and I share is advantageous. I joke, our vacation is spent in the bee yards...or am I?


                                                   Noerpel Wedding at Cherry Lane Farm

Along with my family, our goal is to raise awareness of the value of these wonderful pollinators and strive to make our world just a little more greener.

Our daughter chose to get married at our farm. Even though you can't see it, she's barefoot under that wedding dress! Guess the bees don't scare her much. While we don't open our farm to public weddings, we enjoyed watching her tie the knot among our tens of thousands of bee witnesses. 

Our Family : Drew, Joe, Lorann, Luke, Jamie, Anastasia, Robert & Austin here on the farm at Jamie & Luke's wedding (the wedding arch was handmade by my mom, Lorann! and our honey bee logo was hand painted by my dad, Joe!)

Meeting some of our favorites at the Eastern Apicultural Society's annual conference '22

             John Gaut , Robert & Mike Palmer                        

 Robert,  Peter Borst &  Anastasia

Robert, Anastasia, David Burns & Dr. Jon Zawislak

Dr. Tom Seeley & Robert

Robert, Steve Muti & Anastasia

Collaborating News! 

I have been working with the lovely women at Sparrow Place to provide you with natural skin products at affordable prices. You may find luxurious body butter and luscious lip balm using our honey available at our farm shop. 

Sparrow place is a faith-based nonprofit determined to provide women survivors of domestic sex trafficking and prostitution empowerment by offering : 

* safe, 2-year free housing in York County

* an array of support services

* educational opportunities

* paid vocational training and employment

* the support of sisterhood for life. 

For more information about them and how you can help click below.

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