Welcome to our honey haven! At our farm, nestled amidst nature's embrace overlooking a nice portion of York County, my husband and I proudly tend to our buzzing companions, the honey bees. With a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of all of our pollinators, we cultivate a sanctuary where nature thrives.
Our honey is a testament to our dedication. Pure and raw, it embodies the essence of our organic practices. We believe in letting nature's goodness shine, which is why our honey is never pasteurized. This means it retains all its natural enzymes, flavors, and health benefits, just as the bees intended.
We package our honey carefully by hand and only use glass bottles, eschewing plastic for a more eco-friendly choice. This ensures that every drop of our liquid gold remains untainted by harmful chemicals.
When you visit our farm, you're greeted by the sights and sounds of nature and our beloved farm greeter, Diamond the Corgi. With wagging tails and warm smiles, our family and friends join us in harvesting our delicious honey. It's a labor of love that we're thrilled to share with you.
So come and taste the sweetness of our honey, knowing that with each jar, you're supporting sustainable farming practices and the flourishing of our precious pollinators. Let's nurture a healthier planet, one delectable spoonful at a time.

SPECIAL DEALOnce you have purchased from us, return with your empty clean jar for a discounted refill while you wait..a couple minutes. * NO MORE REFILLS UNTIL NEXT HARVEST - end of July '24
Also, we have special deals on cases. If you prefer a gallon, we can discount that as well provided you bring your own food grade container  


 Look for our fresh raw honey at locations below!

Fresh Comb Honey is here at the farm!

Limited quantity. 

Sold out for 2024. 
(check back in 2025)

Find our honey at these locations:


Cherry Lane Farm

4509 Walters Hatchery Rd 

Spring Grove, PA

Heartwood Nursery

8957 Hickory Rd

Felton, PA

Main St Market

17 Main St

Glen Rock, PA

Northern Central Station

11 Church St

Seven Valleys, PA

HIVE artspace

126 E King St

York, PA

Virtue Local Art Market

481 E Market St

Hallam, PA

Dean's Organics

1660 Woodberry Rd, York, PA 

496 Indian

Rock Dam

Rd,York, PA 


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